So I woke up this morning; noticed I was still here. I noticed the earth was still here and pretty much intact as it was the day before.

Noticed that not much in the way of a cataclysmic world ending event occurred yesterday.

And I surmise a lot of other people around the globe are thinking the same.

Maybe thinking “Now What?” “Business as usual?”


Something cataclysmic did happen yesterday. You may have not noticed because you were waiting to see and hear something.

What really happened yesterday was a subtle mental shift. Mostly from the doomsday advocates who are cleaning up egg on their face and those who sat on the fence with a wait and see attitude.

Two times in my life time the world was supposed to end.

They got to be wondering why they been wrong twice 2000 and 2012.

Personally I did not pay much mind to either. However I expect someone will soon announce another future date for the end of the world.

Three time’s a charm.. I may have to take note of the next one.