savior-world If men are from Mars and Women are from Venus then the Warrior is from Earth.

What is a Warrior? A state where personal growth is achieved through challenge..obstacles to be overcome…wars to be won…by force!

At the end of the day a warrior state feels like “whew I made through another day”.

A warrior state assumes you have to walk through fire to get to peace.

A warrior destination is peace and love but first the warrior has to cross the Battle Field.

LUCKY is the day a warrior is tired of fighting and sits down and refused to get up. On that day the moth begins to build the cocoon, and the transformation from warrior to adventurer begins.

AND THAT IS MY STORY. One day I said enough! I will rebuild but if you knock me down again I will stay down for the count!

One day I said..Let there be peace. One day I said..Let us go forth in Harmony. And we all agreed. A truce was signed.

Transformation in Progress..Awaiting the Butterfly.


My “Morning Journal” hour today instead of writing, consited of a review of the whole blog from start to finish . Gotta say sometimes you have to re-read your own words to keep you focused. After reading some entries, reaction was who wrote that…certainly was not who was reading today. Staying focused within the eye of the storm…practice makes perfect.  

More on the Now Paradigm.

Event Management within the perspective of the New Paradigm.

Try this the next time you find yourself in the midst of a dramatic event. Especially an emotional event, incident or experience, that leaves you feeling like a leaf in the wind or piece of seaweed being tossed around, i. e. like totally helpless victim of circumstances.

While the storm is still raging, close your eyes, breath deeply, once.. twice.. three times. Then make this affirmation out loud if your alone, mentally if otherwise: “I am a full consenting participant in this event. So whats the pay off, the end game, what is in this for me”? Breath deeply again, three more time.

Then observe the answers that come freewheeling out of your head;  really revealing. This approach has the effect of difusing all anymosity towards the other players, especially those you might have seen as the instigators or opponents.

If you really it do it right it takes you to a place where you will feel grateful toward the opponents or instigators and you will want to say “Thanks I needed that”.

Keep Laughing – More to come.