Much of the conflicts we humans experience on the planet I believe is the result of perception from a false perspective. Example: What is commonly referred to as a sunrise or sunset.

The mere labeling of these event as sunrise and sunset suggests that there is moving event  being observed form the perspective of a stationary position. While in reality just the opposite is more truthful.

Realigning ones thinking with a more truthful event..the next time you observe a “sunset” or “sunrise” do it from the perspective that you are the one that is traveling through space revolving and advancing; if your are facing east into a different part of the sky.

Then add another dimension..see yourself as the movable part suspended protruding outward at 90 degrees from the ground at your feet. Because in reality the only time you could think of yourself as being directly perpendicular to the ground would be near the north pole.

Mostly we are in some angle to the ground sticking out into space .

Are you throughly disoriented yet? In reality the confusing perspective is the one that gives the impression we are observing the world in an upright position stationary to a moving event.

And there you have it …Food for Thought.

Keep Laughing!

More on the Now Paradigm.

Event Management within the perspective of the New Paradigm.

Try this the next time you find yourself in the midst of a dramatic event. Especially an emotional event, incident or experience, that leaves you feeling like a leaf in the wind or piece of seaweed being tossed around, i. e. like totally helpless victim of circumstances.

While the storm is still raging, close your eyes, breath deeply, once.. twice.. three times. Then make this affirmation out loud if your alone, mentally if otherwise: “I am a full consenting participant in this event. So whats the pay off, the end game, what is in this for me”? Breath deeply again, three more time.

Then observe the answers that come freewheeling out of your head;  really revealing. This approach has the effect of difusing all anymosity towards the other players, especially those you might have seen as the instigators or opponents.

If you really it do it right it takes you to a place where you will feel grateful toward the opponents or instigators and you will want to say “Thanks I needed that”.

Keep Laughing – More to come.