Attributes Of Inner Peace

14 days into the inner state of “Absence of War” I am renaming it to:

 The Presence of Peace – Is the Absence War

And here is a description of the attributes of a state of mind and body in 
presence of peace and abscence of war:

The sensation that one has changed operating system to one permanately
plugged into the feel good outlet!

                     Relaxed muscles, alertness, enhancement of sensory input
                     colors, aromas, etc.

A sense of the presence of the Genie within – a sense of unity and strength.
A sense that there is an acceleration of manifestation time – less time
from image to reality. A sense of abbundance, syncronicity.

An acute sense of humor – the impulse to break out in laughter is a bubbling presence.

Improvement of skills – ability to reshape – re-arrange beliefs, thoughts,
impressions to different levels of importance.

Realization that by changing operating system there is a corresponding
change in base frequency. And a re-shaping of the presently reality
is occuring naturally and effortlessly.

The above discription is by no means sum and total, just the
tip of the iceberg. More to come.