A note of thanks to all that contributed to my journey.


Greetings Family, Friends, Foes and Acquaintances;

Today March 30, 2008 as I was waking up this morning I sensed myself in the midst of the most wonderful peaceful state of mind…a feeling so amazing words cannot do justice…As I wallowed in this splendid place for a while I realized where I was…

I have been on a journey my whole time on this planet..
a journey to myself…to the center of my core..

This morning I awoke to find that on this day I have arrived…
I have reached home…

My journey has been facilitated by many people along the way…family ..friends …acquaintance…strangers

All in his or own way pushing.. pulling.. pointing.. blocking.. redirecting..
in some meaningful way each person has helped…guided..
facilitated my journey.

I am broadcasting this out to the outer limits of the universe…
and to each one specifically to let you know;
I am ever so grateful and honor your contribution.