New Year Resolutions?

New year resolutions.

“Did you make a new year resolution?” Uh..a what? “Never mind!”

What are they actually? Do new year resolutions really have any shelf life? Or are they just a mind game with play with ourselves?

Gotcha? I hope so. I hope by now you are wondering what is she babbling on about?

Well here it is. This post is not at all about new year resolutions because I don’t subscribe to them. What it’s about is testing my new SEO plugin to see if I can get this page to rank high on the search engine for the key words – new year resolutions.

So hang in here for 300 words and at least 4 instances of the key words new year resolutions because that is the recommended format.

I do subscribe however to the concept that one should review the old year and adjust course for the new one if it applies.

I subscribe to the concept that one should re-evaluate priorities. We have a tendency all of us to detour and get lost on the way.

Along that thread here is what is first and foremost on my list of re-evaluating priorities.


…have you noticed? We are already 8 days into the new year.

Time is a commodity we all have a limited amount of. Think about it even if you LIVE to a ripe old age wonderful age of 100 you have a total of 36500 days, 876000 hours and 52560000 minutes.

So deduct all those days hours and minutes that have already elapsed and that is what you have left.

Are you making the most of your time? Do you live every moment as it is the only truly important moment in your life?

I venture to say not! Because most people really don’t value their time. The live like they got all the time in the world and they squander it.

I have more to say on this subject. Much much more. But remember this is a test.. and my SEO widget is telling me I am at 358 word count.

Come back tomorrow for part 2 of new year resolutions. I promise it will be well worth your TIME :).


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