savior-world If men are from Mars and Women are from Venus then the Warrior is from Earth.

What is a Warrior? A state where personal growth is achieved through challenge..obstacles to be overcome…wars to be won…by force!

At the end of the day a warrior state feels like “whew I made through another day”.

A warrior state assumes you have to walk through fire to get to peace.

A warrior destination is peace and love but first the warrior has to cross the Battle Field.

LUCKY is the day a warrior is tired of fighting and sits down and refused to get up. On that day the moth begins to build the cocoon, and the transformation from warrior to adventurer begins.

AND THAT IS MY STORY. One day I said enough! I will rebuild but if you knock me down again I will stay down for the count!

One day I said..Let there be peace. One day I said..Let us go forth in Harmony. And we all agreed. A truce was signed.

Transformation in Progress..Awaiting the Butterfly.

And so goes the rest of the day

 Today begins, from the place long sought and found.

The peaceful place within..from where one feels in total accord and truthful with self…savering to the fullest each and every moment.

And as is the beginning so goes the rest of the day.

Meet my dog Peace.


My “Morning Journal” hour today instead of writing, consited of a review of the whole blog from start to finish . Gotta say sometimes you have to re-read your own words to keep you focused. After reading some entries, reaction was who wrote that…certainly was not who was reading today. Staying focused within the eye of the storm…practice makes perfect.  


The games we play. Recently I have be riding a wave a drama that has clouded my mental acuity and to which I have engaged too much mental resources.
But have discovered yet more dimensions to self..and realized gotta work on my exits they seem to be fraught with much drama..where a simple hey I am done with this I am out of here.
See ya all. would do the job.

June 9, 2011 Update

From time to time I check back, to see if I’m still intact and on track. I can be part of drama now, and its more like an observer, drama is more fun if you are totally caught up in it. But my exits have not yet gotten as brief as what I described above. I read somewhere it’s the entrances and exits one most remembers.


 A note of thanks to all that contributed to my journey.


Greetings Family, Friends, Foes and Acquaintances;

Today March 30, 2008 as I was waking up this morning I sensed myself in the midst of the most wonderful peaceful state of mind…a feeling so amazing words cannot do justice…As I wallowed in this splendid place for a while I realized where I was…

I have been on a journey my whole time on this planet..
a journey to myself…to the center of my core..

This morning I awoke to find that on this day I have arrived…
I have reached home…

My journey has been facilitated by many people along the way…family ..friends …acquaintance…strangers

All in his or own way pushing.. pulling.. pointing.. blocking.. redirecting..
in some meaningful way each person has helped…guided..
facilitated my journey.

I am broadcasting this out to the outer limits of the universe…
and to each one specifically to let you know;
I am ever so grateful and honor your contribution.