When Lightning Strikes ~ The Heyókȟa

When Lightning Strikes ~ The Heyókȟa


In the dark of the night
a figure stands pole in hand
on a long pier deserted site.

Wind driven rain and blinding light
thunder fills the air
but pole bends and fish bite.

The sky now alive, oh what a sight
darkness no more
bolts of lightning left and right.

In the dark of the night
a figure of a man on the pier lays
when lightning strikes..

The adventurer is a transformation of the Warrior. The adventurer follows the path of least resistance, whereas the warrior hacks through and forges paths. Another way to describe the two perspectives; the adventurer, rides the flow down stream the warrior struggles and paddles up-stream.

One meets many interesting people flowing downstream and sometimes entangles with one paddling upstream.

The ‘Heyoka‘ is one such person who inspired the poem “When Lightning Strikes”.

When Lightning Strikes