The Little Prince & the Fox 1

I have a friend. She lives in a magical world. A world where everything and anything is possible. A world where she can be anyone and do anything.

Her name is Wisdom.

Today she told me she is writing a book with a really cool title – Book of Wisdom.

She showed me the first page of the book; a drawing she made herself and and then shared a secret with me.

Did you guess? Ok well then come back tomorrow or click here.

A new perspective on the homeless and hungry.

I have never been able to pass by someone in this situation without having a reaction of empathy and angst; followed by a quick reassurance by silently affirming that could never happen to me.

Yet I have wondered how can anyone let themselves sink so low?

Then one day you fall through one of lifes sinkholes. Not litarally, but you take a turn toward what you think is a direction that will take to prosperity and instead find yourself in the quicksand of poverty.

Poverty is like quicksand. Because the harder you struggle to free yourself the deeper you go, you don’t know how you are going to feed yourself.

It’s a very scary place, and you never really can relate unless you have experienced.




When Lightning Strikes ~ The Heyókȟa

When Lightning Strikes ~ The Heyókȟa


In the dark of the night
a figure stands pole in hand
on a long pier deserted site.

Wind driven rain and blinding light
thunder fills the air
but pole bends and fish bite.

The sky now alive, oh what a sight
darkness no more
bolts of lightning left and right.

In the dark of the night
a figure of a man on the pier lays
when lightning strikes..

The adventurer is a transformation of the Warrior. The adventurer follows the path of least resistance, whereas the warrior hacks through and forges paths. Another way to describe the two perspectives; the adventurer, rides the flow down stream the warrior struggles and paddles up-stream.

One meets many interesting people flowing downstream and sometimes entangles with one paddling upstream.

The ‘Heyoka‘ is one such person who inspired the poem “When Lightning Strikes”.

When Lightning Strikes