Power of the Smile!

Power of the simple Smile

Happiness is a state of mind. States of mind are attainable in an instant, anytime anywhere. Fact is we are always in a state of mind. Most people think they are trapped and have no idea they can move freely from one state to another.

A simple smile can transport you to happy state in an instant. A smile triggers a response in the brain, to release endorphins, the feel good hormones into your blood stream, instantly you feel good, you feel happy.

Try it right now, right there where you are, simply put on a smile…then notice… muscle suddenly relax you feel good you feel happy. Repeat as needed.

Ok so you don’t know how to just smile, then think of a happy event, or look a picture of a baby, a puppy, or any picture that triggers a smile. Or look around, I am sure there is something near you that will trigger a smile.

Warning it’s addictive. If you repeat this process for 14 days it will become a habit. You may find yourself smiling at nothing while standing in line at the grocery or at the bank.

Someone may ask you ‘Why are smiling’ you may reply ‘Huh, I don’t know. It feels good’.

The power of the smile, never leave home with out. And by all means pass it on. Picture a whole planet full of smiling people.

Side effect, smiling people are also prone to being peaceful…..