More on the Now Paradigm.

Event Management within the perspective of the New Paradigm.

Try this the next time you find yourself in the midst of a dramatic event. Especially an emotional event, incident or experience, that leaves you feeling like a leaf in the wind or piece of seaweed being tossed around, i. e. like totally helpless victim of circumstances.

While the storm is still raging, close your eyes, breath deeply, once.. twice.. three times. Then make this affirmation out loud if your alone, mentally if otherwise: “I am a full consenting participant in this event. So whats the pay off, the end game, what is in this for me”? Breath deeply again, three more time.

Then observe the answers that come freewheeling out of your head;  really revealing. This approach has the effect of difusing all anymosity towards the other players, especially those you might have seen as the instigators or opponents.

If you really it do it right it takes you to a place where you will feel grateful toward the opponents or instigators and you will want to say “Thanks I needed that”.

Keep Laughing – More to come.

New Paradigm

A New Paradigm

Before we get to the new paradigm shift, a few words about the old one.

The old paradigm operated within the framework of challenges, conquering, overcoming obstacles. All aimed at bolstering self image and self confidence.

Someone hypnotized by the illusion of low self esteem, image or confidence needs constant bigger and bigger challenges to over come.

In the old paradigm, it’s you against the world. Every day is a challenge. You go to sleep a night licking your scars or relishing your conquests but tomorrow is another day.

Enter the New Paradigm

“I am the author of my own story ” is the foundation of the new paradigm.

 I created the obstacles then what is the big challenge? Success is basically guaranteed right? Well sooner or later.

The new paradigm operates in the framework of creativity and manifestation…It’s just me and a canvas to paint on….now wait when I first thought about this I realized there was
creativity and manifestation involved in the old paradigm. It takes imagination to create challenges…obstacles etc etc.

An here  lies a very important point…the line between the old and the new is very thin and faint..I sometimes have difficulty identifying where I am…

I mean when I set out to be creative It feels like a challenge, like an obstacle, like a hurdle to jump over. But then inner peace kicks in and I see what counts is .. “Intent”

Its all about how you come to the table..Intent..attitude..posture…state of mind.

I am not here as a warrior..and its not me against the world. I am here to add to the beauty of the world..I am here as a conscious creative participant.

June 15, 2015 Update

new paradigmOr in the words of Abraham- Hicks. I’m here to participate in the expansion of the universe, as a co-operative active component.

I wrote this post in March of 2009, at the time I had not encountered Abraham-Hicks, although I had read the book “You create you’re own Reality” by Jane Roberts who channeled Seth which I know had a big impact on my view of the world. Reading this post today I especially note the last sentence and the similarity to the words of Abraham-Hick. I suppose when you move into a new paradigm, then all stuff: people, events, ideas come with it.



Keep Laughing!!